Data that informs decisions

Explore clinical, financial, and operational data to transform, optimize, and grow.

Analytics for all Your Needs

With a focus on Productivity, Profit and your Patients, Cross Current extracts the data and KPIs to fully analyze Financial, Clinical, Operational, Billing and Coding, Compliance, Patient Outcomes and Satisfaction.

Visit Volume

Trend and compare visit volume KPIs to identify changes in provider productivity, referrals, and capacity.

Surgical Productivity + Conversion rates (yield)

Trend and compare surgical conversion rates, sessions worked and WRVU's to manage surgeon productivity and increase efficiency of nonoperative resources.

Appointment Analysis

Track and trend scheduling efficiency and progress of efforts to reduce no shows and cancellations.

Ancillary Services

Track, monitor and forecast MRI utilization, urgent care visits, and Physical Therapy.

Labor Productivity + Management

Analyze productivity and costs per unit for Front Desk Staff, Scheduling Staff, Call Center Staff, Clinical Support Staff, X-ray Staff, Billing Staff to identify top performers and compare against benchmarks.

AR + billing

Go beyond legacy AR and billing reporting to analyze key AR performance metrics over time, evaluate payer performance and manage AR staff productivity.

Patient Experience

Evaluate Patient Satisfaction metrics and Net Promoter Score to develop and monitor performance improvement initiatives.

Demographics + Growth

Understand referral trends and market demographics to support growth and business development.

Revenue Analysis

Support management of revenue metrics to support revenue related issues, e.g. coding and to manage compensation models.

Creating Data Heroes

In addition to our off-the-rack KPIs and views, we offer self-service analytics for all your ad hoc scenarios. Non-technical people will find it intuitive to explore data.

Your Focus Is Our Focus

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Physical Therapy

Ambulatory Surgery Centers